Golf Club Repair & Customization Services

golf repair
Keep your golf equipment in top condition. Whether it’s to repair a favorite club  or customize a new set Woods to Wedges offers a variety of club repair services and adjustments. With more than 40 years experience, we’ve repaired and customized thousands of clubs to help you play your best golf.

Grip Replacement

The easiest way to improve club performance is by replacing worn or improper fitting grips. Woods to Wedges is skilled in replacing your grips, in most cases with a 1 day turn around.

Why Regrip

·      Replace standard size grips with a size that fits your hand

·      Select a material, design and texture that’s best suited to your playing level and weather conditions

·      Replace slick worn out grips

When to Regrip

·      Grips should be replaced every 30-40 rounds

·      Grips should always be replaced at the first sign of noticeable wear

o   Smooth, hard surfaces – cracks – shiny patches – wear spots – loss of tackiness

·      Grips that are not properly fit or worn will cost you strokes.

Shaft Replacement & Adjustments

  • Shaft Replacement

Whether it is a broken shaft or a shaft change to improve performance we have the tools and materials necessary to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft.

  • Re-Epoxy Head

If your club head is loose or has become detached from the shaft, Woods to Wedges can re-epoxy the head correctly.

  • Lengthen or shorten shaft

Is your club too short, too long? Woods to Wedges has the tools necessary to shorten or add an extension to your current shaft so that it better fits your game.

Loft & Lie Adjustment

  • Loft and lie adjustments involve the use of specially-designed equipment. Woods to Wedges has the equipment, knowledge and experience to meet your individual loft and lie specifications.