Woods to Wedges is your choice for CUSTOM FIT CLUBS AT OFF THE RACK PRICES, with the same technology used by the top golfers in the world and personal attention you won’t get anywhere else.

Click below to learn how we are THE place where WNY golfers can take advantage of TrackMan technology, the golf industry standard for club fittings.WSG_1004_Trackman_Logo_Slider_ART

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Trackman Driver Fitting – *100 ($50 applied to new driver purchase)
After collecting the baseline data your fitter will analyze the data along with your feedback be able to select multiple head and shaft combinations that will optimize your launch conditions and ball speed while tightening the dispersion. Our goal in a driver fitting is to maximize your distance and accuracy.

Trackman Iron Fitting – *100 ($50 applied to new driver purchase)
After collecting the baseline data your fitter will analyze the data along with your feedback, select irons for testing. Once a model is selected your fitter will make sure the iron is fitted properly for length, lie, shaft type, flex and grip, while achieving the best possible launch and spin conditions given your swing dynamics. The final step is to discuss the optimal set make-up for maximum performance.

Long Game Fitting – *100 ($50 applied to new driver purchase)
A long game fitting will help determine which combination of Fairway woods and Hybrids best fill the gap between the players longest Iron and Driver. Ensures there are not excessive or uneven yardage gaps, and focuses on maximizing trajectory, accuracy, and consistency.

Full Bag Fitting w/ putter – *$325 -w/o putter $275 : (50% applied to purchase)
This is the most comprehensive option for those who want to take their game to the next level, as well as the best value for your fitting dollar. A full bag fitting includes driver, long game iron and putter fitting. The fitting can be done during one appointment but we recommend two appointments.

SAM PuttLab Putter Fitting – *$75 ($37.50 applied to new putter purchase)
The club used most often in a round of golf is the putter and ironically it is the club most people spend the least time selecting. Using the SAM Putt Lab and a selection of putters from our studio we can find the best specification of putter for you and compare it to the putter you currently use. During the fitting session we can determine the correct length, lie. loft offset and head style to best fit your putting style.


*50% of the fee credited back with qualified equipment purchase
( * Driver: $349.99 or more. Iron Set: $599.99 or more)

Fittings done by appointment